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Legal Assistant Interview Questions


Legal assistant interview questions shared by candidates

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Legal Assistant at Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP was asked…

15 Aug, 2014

What can you bring to the firm?

1 Answer

My experience as a hard worker who likes to get the job done. Someone who is able to prioritize my work and get assistance when needed.

Legal Assistant at Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP was asked…

15 Aug, 2014

What has been your most difficult experience in the workplace and how did you manage it.

1 Answer

Having to work for several solicitors and dealing with overflow of workload. I would seek assistance from others which helped all concerned.

Legal Assistant at George Weston was asked…

26 Oct, 2013

Tell me about a time you encountered gossip in the workplace.

1 Answer

This question threw me off when I heard it because it was so unrelated to the job and its responsibilities. The HR person was very inexperienced I had the impression she had just printed out a list of behavioral questions and didnt take the time to ask herself whether they would add anything to the discussion.

Legal Assistant at Shoppers Drug Mart was asked…

22 Aug, 2013

Do you get along with other people?

1 Answer


Legal Assistant at TransCanada was asked…

11 Aug, 2017

How would you manage competing priorities?

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Legal Assistant at Borden Ladner Gervais LLP was asked…

26 Jul, 2013

Describe a difficult situation that you handled and how you handled it.

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Paralegal/Legal Assistant at Bennett Jones LLP was asked…

18 Oct, 2016

One interview question really stood out for me though and I found the question to be very telling of the office’s culture. I was asked: What is the first thing you do in the morning when you get to work?

1 Answer

I began by answering that I turn on my computer, start pulling the files diarized for that day, perform tasks on those files that I know need to be done, and then give the files to the lawyer so that he can give instructions to me on any additional work that he wants done. I thought that was a good answer as it showed that I take the initiative, but the office manager wasnt satisfied. What else do I do first thing in the morning, I was asked. Somewhat puzzled by the question, I added that I check my messages and take a look at the lawyers schedule for that particular day so that I am aware which clients are coming into the office that day. This time, the office manager clarified the question by asking: What else do I do FOR THE LAWYER first thing in the morning? Still puzzled, I was at a loss for what to add. Incredulously the office manager then said: So, you dont bring him a cup of coffee first thing in the morning? Im pretty sure that I had a hard time hiding what I was thinking (which was, he can get his own d**n coffee). I found the question to be insulting. After all, I didnt apply for a waitressing job. I have exceptionally high legal skills but the office manager wasnt interested in that. No! What was important was whether or not I bring a cup of coffee to the lawyer first thing in the morning. I decided then and there that this is a law firm that I am NOT interested in working for.

Legal Administrative Assistant at Stikeman Elliot was asked…

7 Jun, 2018

Tell me about a time you worked with a problematic/negative coworker, how did you deal with that?

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Legal Assistant at Michael H Niren Professional Corporation was asked…

26 Jul, 2017

Did you have experience in immigration applications?

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Legal Assistant at Aird & Berlis was asked…

5 Jul, 2017

What do you think your role here will be?

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Home » Legal » Legal Assistant Interview Questions and Answers

Legal Assistant Interview Questions and Answers

Legal assistants or paralegals work in a support role within an attorney’s office. They also work in law firms, legal departments of corporate firms and government offices. They are responsible for preparing legal documents, maintaining schedules, filing and records activities and managing research work.

People seeking a job as legal assistants need to hold at least an associate’s degree from a paralegal college which qualifies them for the position. When applying for a job in this capacity, legal assistants should be able to provide the employer with a well-written resume and cover letter. Once these things are in order and an interview is bagged, the candidate may need to prepare for the meeting.

Here are a few examples of interview questions that an employer may ask along with their potential answers.

Legal Assistant Interview Questions and Answers

Why should we hire you for this job?

I am a dedicated paralegal professional with law education and ample experience in the field. I possess all the core competencies needed for the routine legal assistance tasks and am proficient in legal research and report writing as well.

Why did you leave your last job?

I enjoyed my job a lot and it provided me with great opportunities to learn. However it was limited to family law and I wanted to broaden my horizons in the law field.

Do you have any experience in dealing with confidential information? If yes, how well did you manage it?

Being a trained legal assistant I fully understand the importance of confidentiality in legal proceedings and know that even the minor details of any case should be kept confidential. I have always maintained case confidentiality during my work experience and my previous employer can testify the same.

What are the main components of a case file and what steps are carried out to file a case?

Case filing is an intricate task; it involves case summarizing, material collection and organization, law research, witness scheduling and team case review reports.

What areas of law are you most interested in?

My main interest lies in the forensic field however I am open to all fields

What are the key skills you possess that you believe qualify you as a legal assistant?

My skills, training, and experience in client litigation, law research, legal administration skills and expertise in maintaining functional client relationships render me a suitable candidate for the position

What do you deem the most important skills for a person working as a legal assistant?

Legal assistants need to be very organized and possess excellent research skills. Since they work with paperwork a lot, their communication skills and the ability to maintain confidential information need to be above par.

How do you manage your research work considering there is so much to look through?

I have been trained to first comprehend the topic I am researching and to then look for resources. I am familiar with most legal books that hold pertinent information and have the knowledge of how to look through them for precedents and information.

Tell us about a time you had to handle a difficult client.

There was an instance when a client we figured to be lying wanted to make us believe otherwise. It was a sensitive case, and we couldn’t be too careful. He came into the office and threatened us when the officer refused to take his case. He almost made it into a hostage situation when he tried abducting one of the secretaries. I took over the situation and calmly convinced him to leave.

How do you check your work for accuracy?

I am an individual with high attention to detail. I check and recheck my work continuously and make sure that there are no errors.

Why should we consider you to be the right person for this job?

I am confident that I possess the legal educational background, the experience and the skills that this job demands. I believe I am much above in these areas as far as other contenders for this job is concerned as I possess excellent research skills along with a profound ability to work in a fast paced environment.

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