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Liwa International School

Liwa International School

  • Address:
    Falaj Hazzaa – Al Ain , UAE
  • Founded: 1992
  • +971 37810444/37810044 Show Phone Number

The most important characteristic of Liwa International School – founded in 1992, is the school climate that gives us the opportunity to offer the kind of education that contributes to the future growth of students. In order to fulfill this goal, we have developed an administrative system that resulted in the international quality-assurance certificate, ISO 9001:2008. This system has been built on the basis that the only path to prosperity and success involves continual self-assessment, improvement, and change. We believe that this is how we will move forward towards progress. Our main goals are to:

  • Increase the awareness and technological competence of students.
  • Develop the skills of students and faculty.
  • Enhance the communication with, and feedback from society.
  • Deliver programs which are compatible with the needs and interests of the community.
  • Identify the needs of the school community in an effort to improve school climate.

This high level of performance was achieved through the participation of all staff members in assuming responsibility for managing the school and contributing to the success of the educational process, regardless of their status or position in the Organizational Chart. From this perspective, the school was keen on ensuring the participation of all staff members (administrative and teaching) in the formulation of its educational vision and mission.

We make every effort to give our students and athletic teams the support they deserve as representatives of our school. Students strive to meet the expectations of their teachers both in and out of the classroom. Teachers continue to apply new and innovative approaches to guarantee that we offer our students the best overall program. Our Management Team challenges every student and teacher to go beyond their limits to create an environment that displays true LIS PRIDE.

To provide an outstanding international education that inspires students to be self-disciplined, internationally minded, and independent life-long learners who are innovative leaders and critical thinkers. This is done within a supportive, safe, sustainable and advanced technological learning focused environment

Through partnership with parents, teachers, and the community, the school is committed to educating students to high academic, international standards by applying a learning centered approach, which prepares self-confident and socially responsible, young adults for an evolving and changing world.

These form the foundations on which we perform our work. These are the values we hold on to and extend to our students each and every day and in every possible way:
Respect, Tolerance, Integrity, Achievement, Fairness, Transparency, Care and Team Work

Liwa International School offers:

  • The American Program leading to High School Diploma and SAT I, SAT II, AP preparation and TOEFL examinations.
  • The International Aptitude Placement

In all instances, we offer a balanced combination of well-rounded curriculum, advanced textbooks, state-of-the-Art Information Technology, and interactive teaching approach. Our curriculum is monitored regularly and revised annually. Our textbooks are carefully selected and are in line with the curriculum. Our teaching approach is student-focused and is meant to reveal each student’s potential.

Starting Academic Year 2007-2008, the school has become a College Board Test Centre for SAT and API Exams. By offering the American syllabi, Liwa caters for the diverse needs and interests of its students and ultimately of the community. Moreover, care is taken to link the curriculum to the local environment while maintaining a broader world vision.

Our approach is one of life-long learning whereby the school is the basis for sound education and social development. Our Junior and Primary students have the right opportunities for basic learning and critical thinking. Our intermediate and secondary students have a wide range of courses and educational experiences that qualify them for the reputable universities of their choices.

Our system is challenging and fully supportive. We have a high-school advisory system that gives each student the chance to choose the courses that best address his/her interests and abilities. Our teachers are available to assist the students at all times. Our policy is to accompany our students from the day they enter our school until the day they join university.

One of the main priorities of Liwa International School for the success of the educational process is to ensure that all teaching staff possess a high level of educational competence and ethics, which allow them to perform their duties adequately. To achieve this, the first step is the selective recruitment process followed by the Human Resources Department. In this regard, many factors are considered, e.g.: academic qualifications, the ability to communicate with students and parents, and the ability to deliver information to students in a simple and effective way. The second step is the ability of the teacher to develop him/herself and to upgrade his/her teaching skills through attending training sessions, seeking higher certificates, and coming up with new ways and ideas that would enrich the educational process. The third step is a very important one, and is about the continuous monitoring and follow up of teaching staff in the performance of their work, and the methods and techniques used to motivate them in order to raise their efficiency and morale, and urge them to continue to develop their abilities.

Every year, teachers are welcomed to school through a special program. This includes:

  • Orientation sessions and training courses that prepare them to join the school.
  • Each teacher will be provided with a file containing detailed information on staff policies, the processes and procedures related to teaching, and the system followed at the school.
  • Homeroom teachers will be assigned to assume classroom responsibilities such as receiving students and encouraging the process of acquaintance and cooperation among them over the academic year.

The training process is not restricted to the teaching area, but involves other areas related to the educational process, such as:

  • Training for all staff members on first aid.
  • Preparing all staff members for the ICDL certificate.
  • Training for all teaching staff on classroom management and special- need care
  • Training of the Management team in areas that are essential to the effectiveness and efficiency of the Leadership process.

Summary of ADEC Inspection

Liwa International School offers students a good level of education both academically and in their social development. The strong drive for improvement is evident through all layers of leadership; from the very experienced board of trustees, a principal with a clear vision for the school and an exceptionally determined newly formed senior leadership team (SLT) who have brought expertise and fresh insights. All students start school without any spoken English and with low literacy and communication skills. In Kindergarten (KG), they make at least good progress and this continues throughout the school. In the higher grades, teaching is stronger and prepares students very well for their next phase of education, training or employment. The very well maintained building and clear organizational structures allows the school day to run very smoothly.
Students are respectful and behaviour and attendance is very good, reflecting the impact of UAE culture, Islamic values and the caring ethos of the school

School’s strengths

  • The improvement to the quality of teaching and learning, particularly in Arabic
  • School leaders have a strong, cohesive sense of purpose and are making rapid change to establish best practice in modern leadership
  • Leadership at all levels have clear understanding of the strengths and areas for improvement in all subjects and set high expectations
  • Interpersonal relationships between all members of the school community are strong, contributing to the welcoming environment and positive ethos
  • The school promotes strong UAE culture and Islamic values which is evident across all aspects of school life, both academic and social
  • The care, guidance and support of all students is very strong, ensuring students and staff enjoy a very well maintained and organised school environment
  • The broad and balanced curriculum with strong cross-curricular links, augmented by good enrichment and extra-curricular opportunities.
  • Leadership: Principal: Dr. Shereen Gobran
  • Founded: 1992
  • Curriculum:
  • Government Rating: Good (ADEC)
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  • Fees: 16200 – 29300 AED
  • Gender: Mixed (Co-education)
  • Grades or Year Groups: KG1 to Grade 12
  • Number of Staff: 164
  • Number Of Students: 2482
  • Timings: 7:25 AM to 2:00 PM
  • Address:
    Falaj Hazzaa – Al Ain , UAE
  • +971 37810444/37810044
    Show Phone Number
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Liwa International School

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Community Reviews (1)

I have been in Liwa School since KG 1 and , I have graduated this year (2012) so it’s a total of 14 years. Liwa School is the best place for all students in terms of everything ; education , activities , communication and leadership skills through the Student Council . The staff in the school makes you feel that you are at home with your family , teachers and students have a great relationship with each other . The school provides students with the best facilities they can have such as a swimming pool , grass football field , science labs , computer lab , art room , library , gymnasium , and a field that can be used for several sports . Another thing that makes the school special is the technology used in the teaching method by teachers and that is done by the interactive smart boards in every class. Liwa International School is known as the first environment friendly in the UAE . I love Liwa International School <3

By Husam Kharoufah |
October, 2012

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